In-Building Coverage

CMC Infocomm acts as an enabler for communications network operator to offer seamless mobile network coverage in an indoor environment. Comprehensive outdoor mobile network coverage alone is no longer sufficient for the changing needs of mobile device users. We provide full turnkey in-building coverage services from planning and design to construction and implementation of our customers’ indoor mobile network infrastructure in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our engineers ensure that the solutions supplied are functioning properly in full compliance, so as to offer seamless wireless connectivity for indoor mobile device users.

Outdoor Construction

CMC Infocomm builds telecommunication towers in green fields, and provides solutions and services to maximise communication network operators’ mobile outdoor network coverage and optimise their network performance. Our solutions and services for our Outdoor Construction segment comprise site survey, design, construction planning, procurement, implementation, testing and commissioning. In addition, we provide solutions and services to maximise our customers’ mobile network coverage and optimise their network performance. 


Telecommunications Implementation

CMC Infocomm is engaged by communications network equipment vendors to offer our expertise and provide telecommunications implementation works for the installation and commissioning of the radio base transceiver stations. We carry out site survey, preparation of technical proposals, implementation planning, procurement, testing, trouble-shooting and commissioning.

Maintenance Service

CMC Infocomm provides Maintenance Services including corrective and preventive maintenance services to ensure network reliability and minimal network disruptions. Corrective maintenance services to communications network operators are provided when they suffer a systems failure due to equipment breakdown or other reasons. This service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We also provide preventive maintenance services to communications network operators, where work is carried out in accordance with a schedule to service and maintain equipment in good condition to minimise the number of hardware failures. These maintenance services are offered to our customers regardless of whether their mobile networks were installed by us or other third party contractors.